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How to Plan a Diving Honeymoon

29 Feb 2024, by India Wynne-Roberts

Planning a diving or snorkelling honeymoon can feel like a huge undertaking, in part because is likely one of the most important trips you will put together in your life. After many years of putting together honeymoons for other people, I have finally been on the planning journey myself, and wanted to round up a list of things you should consider when planning your trip, whether you intend to put it together yourself or enlist the assistance of a specialist.

Image of India and Louisa, Escape to the Reef founders
Reefscape Travel team: India and Louisa

Expert Advice

I would wholeheartedly recommend putting your faith in a travel specialist to take the stress out of planning and make it fun. Even being a travel specialist myself, this is what we did for our honeymoon and it transformed our whole experience. Even the most savvy of travellers will appreciate not having to take the reins on this one when piled on top of the wedding admin. This is going to be the trip of a lifetime, so you do not want to leave it to chance and take a punt on somewhere based on online reviews.

Speaking with a specialist not only takes the stress and time consideration out of the organisation of the trip, but you can also rely on their first-hand experience, trusting them to guide you to the perfect destinations, accommodations and diving or snorkelling for you and your partner. This is where we come in – wherever possible, we only send our clients to destinations we have dived in ourselves, using trusted accommodations and operators that we know will deliver and excellent experience.

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Whilst this isn’t the glamorous part of honeymoon planning, it’s important that you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to logistics; how much time do you want to go away for, and can you both take that amount of time out?

If you have a shorter amount of time you might like to consider going somewhere closer to home, whilst for far-flung destinations like the South Pacific or Far East Asia, you will likely want to have a minimum of two weeks away. When you are aligning calendars, have a think about whether you would like to go away straight after your wedding or would be open to waiting until further down the line to take your special trip. This is especially important when it comes to diving seasons, as if you have a fixed destination in mind, there will be a particular window that is best for visibility, water conditions and marine life.

The lovely thing about going straight after your wedding is having plenty of time to reflect on the special day, relax and enjoy your time as newlyweds in the wake of potentially years of planning. It can however be very tiring so if you go straight after, I’d always recommending beginning with a few days to ‘flop’ somewhere. If you decide to wait a while until your honeymoon, this obviously leaves more time to save up, and can give you flexibility to visit your preferred destination in the perfect season. It also prolongs the post-wedding feeling and leaves you with something else to look forward to on the horizon.

Sleeping Under Stars Milaidhoo Maldives


Understanding your budget is the first step in creating the right trip for you and will serve as a crucial guideline in narrowing down the many options available. Weddings can be expensive, and it will ease some of the stress if you have a good idea of what your honeymoon budget will be.

You may also have areas you would like to splurge in, and others you prefer to save on e.g. flying economy or business/first class, staying in a certain room category or prioritising a certain experience such as having your own private dive guide. It is good to have a clear idea in your mind as to what your budget looks like and how you’d like to distribute it.

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Diving and Snorkelling

Is there anything you dream of seeing?

What type of diving or snorkelling do you enjoy?

Are you looking to join a liveaboard or would you prefer to be land-based?

Whether you are both divers or looking to learn a new skill together, diving is an amazing activity to enjoy as a couple and can take you to places you had never dreamed of visiting before discovering scuba diving.

We are here to help with your diving honeymoon plans, whether you are dreaming of seeing manta rays for the first time, or you’re logging your 1000th dive, in search of something rare and elusive. If there are special considerations like currents, water temperature or experience levels, we will tailor our recommendations accordingly.  

A nurse shark and divers in Alphonse


I think everybody likes a little luxury on their honeymoon, whether that is a full-blown private charter boat or a simple eco resort with direct access to an incredible house reef. The little luxuries and details are what transform a holiday into an unforgettable honeymoon.

We want your trip to be unlike anything you have experienced before, so that you will always remember it as the honeymoon of your dreams. We have curated a very specific portfolio of boats and resorts all over the world that cater to divers and snorkellers, many of which make for the perfect diving honeymoon spot.

Are you happiest with no wifi and world class diving on your doorstep, or do you perhaps dream of butler service beside an infinity pool? We will ask the right questions to guide you to your perfect trip.

Get in touch with Reefscape Travel now to start planning your honeymoon of a lifetime.  

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