Namale Diver Reef Fiji
Unsplash Yasawas Beach Fiji
Unsplash Beach Yasawas Fiji

Luxury Diving Holidays in Fiji

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Idyllic Fiji is the island nation of white beaches, swaying palm trees and turquoise waters filled with an abundance of marine life and corals that leave divers and snorkellers marvelling at the sheer spectrum of colour assaulting their senses. Dubbed the soft coral capital of the world, diving holidays in Fiji deliver in spades, even for those visiting with rightfully high expectations. The charm and warmth of its people bring travellers back time and time again, despite the arduous journey, and cement Fiji’s place as one of the best diving destinations in the world. Made up of two main islands, and a scattering of around 300 smaller islets, there is a lot to explore in this jewel of a nation. Some of the country’s best dive sites are found in Beqa Lagoon, Taveuni and Kadavu which have earned great renown.  

Soft Corals Paradise Taveuni

Soft Corals, Taveuni

Bull Shark Royal Davui Fiji

Bull Shark, Beqa Lagoon

Royal Davui Anemonefish Fiji

Anemonefish, Beqa Lagoon

Manta Ray Kokomo Fiji

Manta Ray, Kadavu

Dive Rainbow Reef Taveuni Paradise

Soft Corals, Taveuni

Namale Waterfall Fiji

Waterfall, Taveuni

Watersports Kokomo Fiji

Sailing, Kadavu

Kokomo Island Aerial

Kokomo Island, Kadavu

In Depth 

Diving holidays in Fiji should be tailored around what a diver is looking for, as there is so much to experience in this vibrant island nation. A trip to the Somosomo Strait in Taveuni should not be missed, as the heart of the soft coral capital of the world. Rainbow Reef is a once in a lifetime dive wher walls of kaleidoscopic corals greet divers. The famous Great White Wall is one of the country’s best dive sites with vast carpets of swaying white soft corals making for an excellent photo subject. Namena Reserve is the largest no-take zone in Fiji, and this conservation in Vanua Levu has led to a proliferation of marine life with impressive biodiversity. Here larger cetaceans such as humpbacks and spinner dolphins can be spotted, and manta rays are frequent visitors.  

At Beqa Lagoon, divers can get up close with tiger sharks, bull sharks, lemon sharks and nurse sharks for one of the best shark diving experiences in the world. A visit to Kadavu means diving the Great Astrolabe Reef, the fourth largest barrier reef in the world, where mantas can be seen. The diving in Fiji is varied, colourful and exciting, and suitable for divers of all levels, making this a great summer holiday destination when the weather and conditions are at their best.  

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