Hammerhead close up in the Galapagos
Whale shark with mouth open in the Galapagos
A school of mobula rays in the Galapagos

Luxury Diving Holidays in Ecuador & the Galapagos

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For those in search of exhilarating big fish encounters, diving holidays to Ecuador & the Galapagos are right at the top of the bucket list. Sitting firmly in Reefscape’s top three destinations for pelagics, Ecuador draws divers from all over the world to experience the myriad of marine life to be found in the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands are known as one of the very best places for wildlife viewing on the planet, inspiring Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, and this is true both above and below the waves. Diving holidays to Ecuador & the Galapagos can be challenging but rewarding, so to experience everything on offer, we recommend being an Advanced diver.

Mola mola in the Galapagos

Mola mola, Punta Vicente Roca

Sally Lightfoot Crab in the Galapagos

A Sally Lightfoot crab, Galapagos

Scalloped hammerhead shark in the Galapagos

Scalloped hammerhead shark, Galapagos

Schooling barracuda in the Galapagos

Schooling barracuda, Galapagos

Seahorses in the Galapagos

Seahorses, Galapagos

Schooling fish in the Galapagos

Schooling fish, Galapagos

A Tambja nudibranch in the Galapagos

Tambja nudibranch, Galapagos

Marine Iguana Galapagos Islands

Marine iguana, Galapagos

In Depth 

A diving holiday to Ecuador & the Galapagos is ideally experienced from a liveaboard. Trips tend to be one week long, enabling divers to reach the best dive sites which can be found at Wolf and Darwin. Across the week, scuba divers can expect to see a wide variety of marine species including sea lions, marine iguanas, seals, green turtles, eagle rays, manta rays, mola mola, incredible shark action including schooling scalloped hammerheads and huge whale sharks depending on the season. When it comes to adrenaline-filled scuba diving, it is hard to beat a liveaboard trip in the Galapagos Islands.

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