A school of rays in the Azores
The coastline of Sao Miguel
An aerial of Vila Franca islet

Luxury Diving Holidays in the Azores

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Just 4 hours flight from the UK, the Azores is home to some of the best diving holidays in Europe. Made up of 9 volcanic islands, the Azorean Archipelago is hailed the ‘Hawaii of the Atlantic’ with impressive vistas, warm(ish) waters and exciting scuba diving. 

The islands are dramatic in terms of topography and this continues into the water, where swim-throughs, caves, caverns and boulders populate the local dive sites. Scuba diving in the Azores caters to a range of divers from beginners to experts, with an array of reefs and wrecks viewed through waters with excellent visibility. 

From our own research, we favour three islands in particular; Sao Miguel, Santa Maria and Pico which all offer a different scuba diving and snorkelling experience, as well as a range of adventurous activities top side. Diving holidays in the Azores are always a hit with Reefscape Travel clients. 

A blue shark in the Azores

blue shark blue water diving

A mobula ray in the Azores

mobula ray

An aerial of Vila Franca islet

vila franca islet

Diving with sharks in the Azores

blue shark

A manta ray in the Azores

manta ray

A dusky grouper in the Azores

dusky grouper

An aerial of a coastline in the Azores

Sao miguel

Moray eels in the Azores

moray eels

A whale fluke in the Azores

whale fluke

A lake on Sao Miguel

lake on Sao Miguel

In Depth 

The best dive sites in the Azores are located offshore, where impressive pinnacles reach the shallows and draw in schools of pelagic life. For experienced divers, this is a big fish Mecca, with hunting mobula rays, mako sharks, blue sharks and large schools of amberjacks and tuna making an assault on the senses whilst divers hang in the water below. 

For novice divers, the local sites are ideal with gentle conditions at the right time of year and excellent visibility of up to 40m. Diving holidays in the Azores are therefore ideal for families, couples and solo travellers alike, with plentiful marine life and even a few well-preserved wrecks to explore. Our preferred dive centres operate to great safety standards with top of the line equipment and experienced dive guides to ensure the best possible experience.

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