Papua Paradise resort house reef in Raja Ampat
Mount Merapi in Java, Indonesia
A pygmy seahorse in Indonesia

Luxury Diving Holidays in Indonesia

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For divers and snorkellers, it doesn’t get any better than diving holidays in Indonesia. Located at the heart of the Coral Triangle at the world’s epicentre of marine biodiversity, scuba diving in Indonesia is really a cut above the rest. From macro and muck diving, to wrecks, pristine reefs and big fish action, this chain of 17,000 islands hosts many of the world’s best dive sites. 

Immaculate coral reefs present a kaleidoscopic myriad of bright colours, with healthy ecosystems meaning some of the richest aggregations of marine life anywhere on Earth. The best part is, there has been almost no coral bleaching across this jewel in the crown of South East Asia, so scuba diving here is as it should be – varied, exciting and biodiverse. 

Diving holidays in Indonesia are ideal for honeymoons, family trips, learning to dive and also for the most experienced divers looking for the next best spot. At Reefscape we have scouted out the best dive sites and experienced a wealth of resorts and liveaboards so are well placed to help divers decide exactly how to get the most out of diving holidays in Indonesia.  

Schools of fish and a diver in Raja Ampat

fish soup, raja ampat

A hairy frogfish in Lembeh Strait

hairy frogfish, lembeh strait

An aerial view of a rice terrace in Ubud

Rice terraces, Ubud, Bali

A blue-ringed octopus in Lembeh Strait

blue-ringed octopus

Pink and orange seafans in Raja Ampat

seasfans, raja ampat

A shaun the sheep nudibranch

shaun the sheep nudibranch

A harlequin shrimp in Indonesia

harlequin shrimp

A hawksbill turtle in Raja Ampat

hawksbill turtle, Dampier strait

Willans Chromodoris nudibranch in Lembeh

Willans chromodoris nudibranch

Boats in a bay in Komodo National Park

Komodo national park

In Depth 

There are so many world class scuba diving spots across Indonesia that it can be hard to choose where to go, but we at Reefscape can give our inside angle on the best diving holidays in Indonesia to match divers and snorkellers’ preferences and requirements. Regions like Komodo and Raja Ampat offer some of the healthiest reefs anywhere in the world, best accessed by luxury liveaboard, with sites carpeted with soft corals and teeming with schooling fish.  

For those who prefer a resort-based trip, Wakatobi, Lembeh and Bunaken showcase some of the best muck and macro dive sites we have experienced anywhere, all to be enjoyed from the lap of luxury. Think bobbit worms, mimic and blue-ring octopus, nudibranchs in every imaginable colour and hairy frogfish.  

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