Aerial view of Misool Eco Resort
Table coral in Amun ini, the Philippines
A porcelain crab in the Philippines


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Home to the highest marine biodiversity on the planet, diving holidays in Asia are hard to beat. Scuba divers are drawn from all corners of the globe to experience some of the best dive sites on our planet, with pristine coral reefs and abundant marine life from the larger pelagic such as manta rays and whale sharks, to world-class macro and muck diving including rare critters such as the mimic octopus and the pygmy seahorse. Liveaboard diving in Asia is unparalleled and a wealth of excellent luxury dive resorts offer the best in luxury, diving and service. 

A coral reef in Raja Ampat

coral reef, Papua Paradise Eco Resort

A resting turtle in the Philippines

Resting turtle, amun ini

A barrel sponge on a reef in Cabilao Island

Barrel sponge, Cabilao Island

A reef quid in Cabilao Island

Reef squid, Cabilao island

A dragon shrimp in Bunaken, Indonesia

Dragon Shrimp, Siladen

Soft coral in the Philippines

soft coral, philippines

A dive boat in Wayag, Raja Ampat

Wayag, Raja Ampat

A pygmy seahorse in the Philippines

pygmy seahorse, Philippines

A warty frogfish in Bunaken, Indonesia

warty frogfish, siladen

A black tip shark at Misool Eco Resort

blacktip shark, Misool eco resort

In Depth

The Coral Triangle is a marine region sitting between the Indian and Pacific Ocean that is recognised as the global centre of marine biodiversity. Containing 76% of the world's coral species and 37% of the world's reef fish species, it is easy to see why diving holidays in Asia are so special. Indonesia and the Philippines sit within the Coral Triangle and offer incredible diving experiences for beginners to expert divers, with enough bucket-list destinations to return year after year.  

The Philippines is home to some of the best macro diving we have come across as well as world-class muck diving in Dumaguete and Anilao. The pristine reefs of Bohol and Apo Island are abundant with green turtles and Malapascua is a must for those wanting to see thresher sharks on thrilling dawn dives. Moalboal has a resident sardine shoal sitting just off the reef and stunning fan corals a little deeper and can be nicely incorporated into an island-hopping diving holiday with Malapascua, Bohol and Dumaguete. Palawan, with its spectacular limestone karsts and turquoise, crystal clear waters, is an excellent spot for beginner divers particularly around El Nido, whilst Coron is home to over 20 WWI Japanese Wrecks and some of the best wreck diving on the planet.  

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