A pod of Common bottlenose dolphins in Rangiroa
An aerial view of Fakarava atoll
Reef sharks and fish in French Polynesia

Luxury Diving Holidays in French Polynesia

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Located in the South Pacific, French Polynesia is a string of over 100 islands stretching for more than 2,000 km made up of white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons and extraordinary scuba diving. Whilst the famous Bora Bora is breath-taking, a diving holiday to French Polynesia offers some of the most exciting diving on the planet in more secluded corners of the archipelago. French Polynesia is a destination for scuba divers that love pelagic life, but prefer warm, tropical climes. Marine life highlights include walls of grey reef sharks, hammerheads, black and white tip reef sharks, close encounters with common bottlenose dolphins, tiger sharks, manta rays, schooling barracuda, jackfish and snapper and stunning hard coral gardens. A diving holiday to French Polynesia is best experienced on an island-hopping adventure. At Reefscape Travel, we have the first-hand experience to knit together a trip of a lifetime, selecting the perfect combination of islands for each traveller.  

Sting rays in French Polynesia

Sting rays

An aerial view of Fakarava lagoon

Fakarava lagoon

A close-up of a humpback whale in French Polynesia

Humpback whale

A blacktip reef shark in French Polynesia

Blacktip reef shark

A turquoise lagoon with pink sand in Tikehau

Pink sand, Tikehau Lagoon

A school of eagle rays in French Polynesia

School of eagle rays

A hard coral reef in French Polynesia

Hard coral

Butteflyfish in the shallows in Taha'a

Butterflyfish, Taha'a

Paddleboarding with sharks in French Polynesia


Manta ray in French Polynesia

Manta ray

In Depth 

The Society Islands (including Bora Bora, Moorea, Taha’a and Tahiti) offer travellers incredible scenery, beautiful beaches, turquoise lagoons and luxury hotels. Bora Bora needs little introduction, being one of the most beautiful islands on the planet. Whilst there are more hotels here than other parts of French Polynesia, it is still well worth a visit for the sheer beauty of the island. There are some good dive sites including a manta cleaning station and reefs frequented by blacktip reef sharks and lemon sharks. Moorea is one of the few places on the earth where snorkellers can encounter humpback whales, for whom it is an important breeding ground between July and early November, making it a firm favourite for a diving holiday in French Polynesia. For those looking for ultimate luxury, look no further than the incomparable Brando Resort, located in its own atoll, Tetiaroa, with endless adventures and pampering in store.  

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