A honeycomb moray eel in Oman
Al Monassier wreck in Oman
Dolphins jumping in Oman

Luxury Diving Holidays in Oman

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A diving holiday to Oman offers something very different from the neighbouring Red Sea. Whilst the visibility is lower due to plankton-rich waters (generally 5-20m), emerald green in colour, marine life is abundant and fascinating ecosystems await. With around 250 species of coral and 1,000 fish species, divers can explore from the Musandam Peninsula and Muscat on beautiful coral reefs, right down to Salalah and Mirbat where kelp forests and boulders make up most of the topography. A diving holiday to Oman is suitable for all levels of diver and in particular an excellent destination for families to learn to dive. If time is of the essence for UK travellers, Oman presents a wonderful diving destination in under 10 hours flight time and a wealth of luxury hotels with phenomenal service.  

A seasnail in Oman

sea snail

A school of sweetlips in Oman

school of sweetlips

An anchor and diver in Oman

anchor & diver

A pod of dolphins in Oman

Dolphin cruise with Extra Divers

Schooling fish in Oman

schooling snapper

A manta ray in Oman

manta ray

A stingray in Oman

spotted stingray

A whale fluke in Oman

whale watching

Schooling fish in Oman

Schooling fish

In Depth 

Accessed from Dubai on just a two-hour car drive and separated from the rest of Oman, the Musandam Peninsula boasts stunning fjords shadowed by the arid Hajar mountains with dive sites waiting to be explored beneath the waves. From the secluded Six Senses Zighy Bay, scuba diving can be enjoyed across 10 dive sites along this dramatic coastline whilst staying in the lap of luxury. Rarely another dive boat in sight, divers will come across eagle rays, turtles, boxfish, honeycomb eels and most notably, the reefs are cloaked in rare purple, blue and yellow soft corals. The best dive site, Octopus Rock, is well known for its resident seahorses.  

Some of the best dive sites in Oman are to be found from Muscat. The Daymaniyat Islands can be reached on a day trip, where 12 dive sites are littered with healthy corals and sightings include turtles, rays, leopard sharks and very occasionally, whale sharks. The string of nine, uninhabited islands are striking against the bejewelled ocean, making for the perfect lunch spot between dives. 

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