Mafia Island Boat
A nudibranch in Mafia Island

Luxury Diving Holidays in Tanzania

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With only a 2-hour time difference from the UK, and easily reached through one of Africa’s large hubs, diving holidays in Tanzania are rewarding and appealing for experienced and novice divers alike. White sand beaches, macro life galore, whale sharks, healthy corals and charming lodges meet the travelling diver, and of course with the added bonus of a combination of safari or a culture fix, there is so much to offer divers and snorkellers heading to this varied and welcoming country. 

A Chromodoris nudibranch in Mafia Island

Chromodoris Nudibranch in Mafia Island

Divers hovering over a coral reef in Mafia Island

Divers Over a Coral Reef, Mafia Island

A frogfish in Mafia Island

Frog Fish, Mafia Island

A red spot crab in Mafia Island

Red Spot Coral Crab, Mafia Island

A beach on Mafia Island

White Sand Beach, Tanzania

Beach Chill Mafia Island Pole Pole

Beach picnic, Mafia Island

Island Aerial Chole Mjini

Chole Island

In Depth 

Choosing where to dive along the East African coast depends on interest and experience level as well as, of course, divers’ accommodation preferences. From lavish private island stays to simple, charming treehouse lodges without electricity, and everything in between, diving holidays in Tanzania offer a wide range of possibilities. Scuba diving is best around the islands of Pemba and Mafia Island, where the lower levels of tourism and concerted marine conservation efforts have allowed reefs to thrive.  

The stars of the show when diving from Mafia Island have to be the varied and fascinating macro life including an array of nudibranchs, octopus, seahorse, tiny frogfish and even rare critters like dragon sea moths and ghost pipefish. Night dives are particularly exciting, with many of these species becoming more active at night. Schooling fish and turtles can also be seen at the sites further afield, and diving timetables are organised according to tide charts to ensure divers will enjoy the best possible conditions.

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Our Diving Destinations in Tanzania

Beach Parasol Ocean Pole Pole Mafia
Mafia Island

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