Barrel sponge in the Cayman Islands
A sting ray in the Cayman Islands
A reef fish on coral in the Cayman Islands

Luxury Diving Holidays in the Cayman Islands

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Scuba diving in the Cayman Islands offers some of the best dive sites in the Caribbean. Made up of cosmopolitan Grand Cayman, idyllic and peaceful Little Cayman and the adventurers haven of Cayman Brac, these three islands have so much to offer prospective scuba divers and snorkellers, from stingray encounters to reef sharks, awe-inspiring wall diving to historic wrecks, this a very special destination. 

Visibility tends to be excellent and reefs are in great condition, making diving holidays in the Cayman Islands appealing for a wide range of divers of all abilities and experience levels, and there is a dive site for every day of the year with 365 sites accessible in the archipelago. The Cayman Islands is the home of recreational diving and there are a number of excellent resorts from which to base oneself to experience the islands’ marine wonders. We are here to help you choose which island will suit you best.  

A coral reef in the Cayman Islands


Aquarium West Wall in the Cayman Islands

aquarium west wall

A chain moray eel in the Cayman Islands

chain moray eel

Jackfish and baitfish in the Cayman Islands

jackfish & baitfish

French angelfish in the Cayman Islands

French angelfish

Grouper with cleaner shrimps in the Cayman Islands

grouper with cleaner shrimps

Kittiwake wreck in the Cayman Islands

kittiwake wreck

Ghost Mountain dive site in the Cayman Islands

ghost mountain

Wreck diving in the Cayman Islands

wreck diving

Reef squid in the Cayman Islands

reef squid

In Depth 

Grand Cayman is best known for some of the most famous dive sites in the Caribbean with big hitters like Stingray City and the USS Kittiwake being particularly popular. Many sites can be accessed from the shore, meaning that it couldn’t be easier to get kitted up and straight into the water. The North Wall is especially famous, where enormous tarpons, schooling barracudas and curious reef sharks can be spotted.  

Little Cayman is a divers’ haven and the best spot to stay in utter tranquillity and dive to your hearts’ content. With over 60 dive sites to explore, Little Cayman punches above its weight given how tiny the island is. The diving here is excellent and Bloody Bay Wall is undoubtedly the highlight. Walls are carpeted with corals and enormous barrel sponges in all colours of the spectrum, while rays and sharks swoop by in the blue. The wall itself plummets into the depths to around 300m but at its shallowest the wall starts at around 5m, meaning that snorkellers as well as divers can enjoy the majesty of the wall.  

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Our Diving Destinations in the Cayman Islands

Chub fish in the Cayman Islands
Little Cayman
A turtle in the Cayman Islands
Grand Cayman
A Nassau grouper in the Cayman Islands
Cayman Brac

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