Pole Pole Beach Mafia Island
A nudibranch in Mafia Island

Luxury Diving Holidays in Mafia Island

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    Marine Highlights

    Whale shark migration, healthy corals, rare nudibranchs, octopus, squid, turtles, harlequin shrimps

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Diving holidays in Mafia Island are ideal for those in search of healthy reefs, excellent macro life and a slow pace away from some of the more touristy areas of the Tanzanian coastline. Accommodation varies from lavish private islands to simple beach chalets and magical treehouses nestled in baobab trees. Diving is a relaxed affair with gentle conditions and a fantastic combination of pinnacles, reef walls, sloping reefs covered in healthy corals and vast schools of fish. Suitable for beginners and experienced divers alike, Mafia Island is home to the best diving in Tanzania 

Hermit Crab Anemones Mafia Island

Hermit Crab, Mafia Island

A dragon shrimp on whip coral in Mafia Island

Dragon Shrimp

A juvenile emperor anglefish in Mafia Island

Juvenile Angel Fish

A dive guide on the boat in Mafia Island

Dive boat

Palm Trees Ocean Pole Pole

Palm Trees, Pole Pole

A mantis shrimp in Mafia Island

Mantis Shrimp

Two porcelain crabs on an anemone in Mafia Island

Porcelain Crab in Anemone

Beach View Treehouse Chole Mjini

Chole Mjini Treehouses

Pole Pole Mafia Island Beach Lounge

Pole Pole Lodge

Spit Of Sand Chole Mjini

Dhow, Chole Mjini

In Depth 

Dictated by the tidal conditions, divers’ schedules will be varied and the best dive sites in Mafia Island range from mucky slopes dotted with fascinating macro life to exciting reef dives with the chance to encounter larger marine life such as schools of trevallies, lurking barracudas, grazing green and hawksbill turtles and rays cruising in to visit reefs. This is an ideal spot for beginners to get acquainted with the underwater world, while more experienced divers will be delighted with the rich reefs and varied marine environments around Mafia Island. Macro highlights include ghost pipefish, minute frogfish, harlequin shrimps, seahorses and rare nudibranchs such as the miniscule Shaun the Sheep nudibranch.

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