An anemone fish in Dumaguete
Hypselodris nudibranchs in Dumaguete

Luxury Diving Holidays in Dumaguete & Dauin

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    Best time to visit

    December-April. *October is octopus mating season.

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    Marine highlights

    Muck diving: blue-ring octopus, coconut octopus, mototi octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, ornate ghost pipefish, harlequin shrimp, hairy frogfish

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When it comes to diving holidays in the Philippines, a stay in Dumaguete and Dauin is always at the top of our list. Located in the south of the island of Negros, in the Central Visayas, this region is home to many of the country’s best dives sites. Showcasing a fantastic blend of muck diving and beautiful coral reefs, and with a range of luxury accommodations to suit all different tastes, diving holidays in Dumaguete and Dauin never fail to deliver. With over 30 muck and reef sites, there is something to suit all divers and snorkellers.  

A mototi octopus in Dumaguete

mototi octopus

A frogfish in Dumaguete


An Ambon scorpionfish in Dumaguete

Ambon scorpionfish

An orangutan crab in Dumaguete

orangutan crab

A thorny seahorse in Dumaguete

thorny seahorse

A juvenile boxfish in Dumaguete

juvenile boxfish

An aerial shot of banca boats in Dumaguete

banca boats

A frogfish in Dumaguete


Kunie's nudibranch in Dumaguete

kunie's nudibranch

In Depth 

The muck diving in Dumaguete and Dauin is among the best on the planet, rivalling the quality of the famous Lembeh Strait but with less rubbish in the water and fewer divers. It is easy to see why this makes so many muck divers’ bucket lists. Whether you are a muck diving afficionado or have never even heard of it, Dumaguete and Dauin is a fantastic spot to experience it – expert guides assist with everything from fin technique to avoid stirring up the silt, to finding impossibly well-camouflaged critters such as white v, mototi, blue ring, mimic and coconut octopus, mini bobtail squids, ghost pipefish, hairy frogfish and flamboyant cuttlefish. Underwater photographers marvel at the array of nudibranchs found on these nutrient-rich mucky slopes, where the contrasting black sand makes a perfect canvas for tiny subjects.

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Places to Stay in Dumaguete & Dauin

Suite Twilight Exterior

Atmosphere Resort & Spa

Located on the shores of some of the world's best dive sites, Atmosphere is a fantastic resort for keen divers, suitable for families and couples alike, and with diving to excite beginners and more experienced enthusiasts. 

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Level 3 Bedroom Salaya

Salaya Beach Houses

This stylish and small boutique hotel is the perfect quiet spot from which to explore the fascinating sites around Dumaguete and Dauin; a muck diver's paradise!  

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