Sete Cidades Sao Miguel Azores

Luxury Diving Holidays in Sao Miguel

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    Schooling mobula, mako sharks, blue sharks, baitballs, conger eels

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Sao Miguel is the largest island in the Azorean chain and in recent years a number of excellent boutique hotels have opened up to host divers and holiday-makers from across the globe. Sao Miguel also has some excellent dive centres from which to explore some of the best dive sites in the archipelago.

The Azores is not just for divers and snorkellers: it is also an exciting destination for adventurous travellers looking to experience a wealth of activities from whale-watching and dolphin swimming to hiking, canyoning and mountain biking. As such, diving holidays in Sao Miguel are very popular among Reefscape Travel clients.

Vila Franca Islet Azores Aerial
A manta ray in the Azores
Ray School Scuba Diving Azores

In Depth 

Sao Miguel is the beating heart of the Azorean Archipelago and has the best tourist infrastructure among the nine islands, allowing a wide array of experiences and catering to visitors with varied interests. Dive centres on Sao Miguel are well established and operate to a very high standard, with knowledgeable local guides, well-maintained rental equipment and varied schedules to suit all levels of diver from beginners to experts. 

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