Purple anemones in Astove
An aerial of Cosmoledo Atoll
A turtle hatchling in Astove

Luxury Diving Holidays in the Aldabra Group

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    Marine Highlights

    Pristine corals, turtles, large grouper, hammerheads, bull sharks, silvertips, tawny nurse sharks, grey reef sharks

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If you are looking to dive in some of the most pristine, undiscovered and remote atolls on our planet, look no further than a diving holiday in the Aldabra Group. Located over 1,000km southwest of Mahe in the Outer Islands of the Seychelles, the Aldabra Group is made up of just four main atolls: Astove Atoll, Cosmoledo Atoll, Assumption Island and the Aldabra Atoll. These atolls are largely inaccessible although at Reefscape Travel we have the inside track to put together exclusive trips to Cosmoledo and Astove, home to arguably the best dive sites in the Seychelles. The area is so remote and has been visited by so few, that divers have the chance to discover new dive sites whilst enjoying spectacular coral health (the best in the Indian Ocean) and abundant marine life. 

A potato grouper in Astove

Potato grouper in Astove

A rocky outcrop in Cosmoledo

Rocky outcrop in Cosmoledo

Turtles by Astove Wall

Turtles by Astove drop-off

A nature walk in Cosmoledo

Cosmoledo nature walk

A Seychelles Sunbird on Cosmoledo

Seychelles sunbird in Cosmoledo

A view of Cosmoledo


An islet in Astove

Astove islet

An aerial view of Astove Wall

Astove reef aerial view

An aerial view of Cosmoledo

Cosmoledo Atoll island

The lagoon in Astove

Astove lagoon

In Depth 

The atolls of Astove and Cosmoledo are just one hour boat ride apart, so the ultimate diving holiday in the Aldabra Group consists of a split between the two atolls. Both atolls have unique, fascinating and untouched ecosystems both above and below the waves: a nature lover’s paradise.  

Astove Atoll spans 6km from north to south and just under 4km wide, made up of a rugged landscape of limestone rock and sand dunes surrounding a shallow, turquoise lagoon with just one entrance. This single entrance is great news for divers, as it generally means the visibility is better than nearby atolls with multiple entrances and can be up to 50m. ‘The Wall’ of Astove, running along the western side of the atoll for 7km, is home to arguably the best dive and snorkelling sites in the Seychelles with a dramatic drop-off at 90 degrees from ankle deep water to over 1000m depth. Its close proximity to the beach means that scuba divers and snorkellers can be in the water within minutes and combined with the pristine corals and diverse marine life, it makes for some of the most exciting scuba diving on earth.  

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Places to Stay in Aldabra Group

An aerial view of Astove Coral House

Astove Coral House

Astove Coral House is found on one of the most remote inhabited islands in the Aldabra Group, with a dramatic landscape of limestone rock against sand dunes. The atoll is 6km long with a vast turquoise lagoon and white sandy beaches, and is home to a stunningly diverse array of bird and fish life. 

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