Aerial view of Alphonse Island
Diver and soft coral in Alphonse
Manta rays in Alphonse

Luxury Diving Holidays in the Alphonse Group

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    Marine Highlights

    Pristine coral health, pelagic fish, manta rays, eagle rays, turtles, tawny nurse sharks

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The Alphonse Group is located 400km southwest of Mahé, or just a one-hour flight, but what lies beneath the waves in this group of atolls feels a world away. Dotted across Alphonse Atoll, St. Francois Atoll and Bijoutier Island are 34 of the best dive sites in the Seychelles, home to pristine, unbleached corals and plentiful marine life, providing spectacular scuba diving opportunities. Diving holidays in the Alphonse Group do not disappoint, making memorable experiences in the heart of the Indian Ocean 

An aerial view of the Alphonse group

Alphonse Group Aerial view

A manta ray in Alphonse

Manta ray

A nurse shark and divers in Alphonse

Nurse shark

A beach on Alphonse Island

Alphonse beach

A coral reef in Alphonse

Coral over-hang

An aerial of the flats in Alphonse

Alphonse flats

A tagged turtle entering the sea on Alphonse

Turtle tagging at Alphonse

An aerial of Bijoutier Island

Bijoutier Island

A potato grouper and diver in Alphonse

Potato grouper with divers

An aerial view of St Francois in Alphonse

St. Francois

Spotted eagle rays in Alphonse

Spotted eagle rays

In Depth 

With over 40km of forereef, there is more than enough to discover on a diving holiday to the Alphonse Group with the opportunity for exploratory dives too. Divers can enjoy a wide range of dives including drop-offs, shallow plateaus, patch reefs, overhangs, pinnacles and raised reefs to name a few. A clear indicator of the health of these reefs is the sheer size and abundance of the fish in comparison to the inner islands, as well as the coral showing greater resilience to climate fluctuations with very little evidence of coral bleaching. Fields of healthy coral plateaus covered with hard corals are littered with green and hawksbill turtles – more than you can count on any one dive! For macro enthusiasts, nudibranchs, leaf scorpionfish and shrimps await, whilst at the other end of the scale, pelagics can make an appearance. The unique positioning of this atoll group means that anything can turn up, with sightings including manta rays, a fever of eagle rays, hammerhead, bull, silvertip, whitetip and grey reef sharks. Tawny nurse sharks are regularly seen patrolling the reefs, a nice surprise since they are often difficult to spot, tucked up asleep under the reef.   

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