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Luxury Diving Holidays in the Amirantes Islands

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    Marine Highlights

    Pelagic fish, manta rays, eagle rays, turtles, tawny nurse sharks, lemon sharks, stingrays, healthy hard coral beds

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The Amirantes Archipelago is made up of around 20 islands, coralline atolls and uplifted sand cays spanning 150km in Seychellois waters. These Outer Islands of the Seychelles are home to some of the healthiest marine ecosystems and best dive sites anywhere in the Indian Ocean, with coral thriving and relatively few visitors to this remote haven. Travelling that bit further away from the popular Inner Islands of the Seychelles will reward divers and snorkellers with excellent marine life sightings, making this a great destination for intrepid divers.  

Fly Fishingfour Seasons Desroches

Fly Fishing Desroches

Shore Diving Four Seasons Desroches

Shore Diving Four Seasons Desroches

DIL Diving Tunnels 11 (Tony Baskeyfield)

Cave Diving, Four Seasons Desroches

Corals Desroches Diving

Reefscape, Desroches Island

Stingray Desroches Diving

Marbled stingray

Whip Coral Desroches Diving

Whip Coral, Amirantes

St Josephs Snorkelling Desroches

Snorkelling at St. Joseph's

Hard Coral Desroches Diving

Staghorn Coral, Desroches

Tortoise Four Seasons Desroches

Giant Tortoise, Four Seasons Desroches

Turtle Four Seasons Desroches

Hawksbill Turtle, Four Seasons Desroches

In Depth 

In the world of diving, the Seychelles gets a bad reputation for damaged coral reefs and dwindling reef fish populations, but this couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to diving holidays in the Amirante Islands, with many conservation projects having been set up to preserve the delicate and important ecosystems that thrive in these waters. St. Joseph atoll is a shining example of this, with regular sightings of marine megafauna such as manta rays frequenting the atoll, as well as a healthy population of large sharks; lemon sharks, tiger sharks, grey reef, white tip and black tip reef sharks which patrol the virtually pristine reefs.

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Places to Stay in the Amirantes Islands

Lounge Four Seasons Desroches

Four Seasons Desroches

The nearest of the Outer Islands, Desroches has access to some of the best dive sites in the country. The Four Seasons is perfect for families, with an extensive kids club programme and a plethora of activities on offer 

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