Lagoons and limestone karsts in Coron
A porthole and diver on Morazan wreck in Coron
A banca boat in Coron

Luxury Diving Holidays in Coron (Palawan)

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    Marine highlights

    World class wreck diving; a dozen Japanese World War II wrecks

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    Beginner-Advanced, wreck speciality recommended


Home to a nearly a dozen World War II Japanese shipwrecks, Coron offers the best wreck diving in South East Asia, making diving holidays in Coron something of a pilgrimage for keen wreck divers. Visibility tends to be low at around 5-15m, which adds to the eerie effect of diving these well-preserved wrecks. Add to this the astonishingly beautiful scenery, and you can see why divers travel from all over the world to reach the best dive sites in Coron. Many of the wrecks rest at a shallow depth, making this suitable even for novice wreck divers, whilst afficionados will be able to penetrate the vast vessels, with the largest measuring 200m from end to end. Whilst wrecks are the main draw for this region, there is also a healthy smattering of marine life littering the hulls of these metal graveyards, with nature slowly taking over to create a beautiful fusion of reef and wreck.

Akitsushima control panel in Coron

Akitsushima wreck Control Panel

A deserted beach in Coron

deserted beach

A cuttlefish in Coron


A Japanese WWII wreck in Coron

Japanese WWII wreck

A crab-eye goby in Coron

crab-eye goby

Irako deck in Coron

Irako deck

Black coral on the Olympia wreck in Coron

black coral on Olympia wreck

Irako Porthole

irako porthole

The deck of Okikawa wreck in Coron

okikawa Deck

Coral and lionfish on Morazan wreck in Coron

morazan deck

A fishermen from below in Coron


In Depth 

The wrecks of Coron sit at depths of 8-40m and are comprised of a range of vessels from Japanese gun boats and submarine chasers to cargo vessels and a seaplane tender. This makes Coron a fascinating spot for history buffs who can unearth more detail about the attack on Coron Bay and relive history by diving among the wrecks.

The Sangat Sub Chaser and The Lusong Gunboat both sit shallow enough for beginner divers, whilst the Irako Maru and the Akitsushima rest a little deeper and require more experience for penetration. Large groupers, bat fish, tuna and barracudas can be seen circling the wrecks, whilst inside moray eels and  crustaceans take up residence in the crevices of the wrecks. There are a number of reef dives available too but with visibility generally being low, reef enthusiasts would be better off visiting El Nido or Anda 

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