A thresher shark in Malapascua
A frogfish and diver in Malapascua
Malapascua beach with a banca boat

Luxury Diving Holidays in Malapascua

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    Marine highlights

    Thresher sharks, pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish, white tip reef sharks, nurse sharks, mandarin fish

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    Beginner sites accessible, thresher shark diving requires Advanced Open Water certification


Located in the Central Visayas, Malapascua is a tiny island that divers flock to for encounters with the elusive thresher shark. The relaxed feel on the island allows visiting divers to really unwind and relax into a trip that is all about the diving!

Diving holidays in Malapascua can easily be combined with other regions in the Central Visayas such as Dumaguete and Dauin, Moalboal and Bohol to create a marine safari and experience the best dive sites across the country. Whilst the main draw for divers is the thresher shark dawn dives, there is also impressive macro diving to be enjoyed, making diving holidays in Malapascua particularly appealing for underwater photographers.

A leopard anemone shrimp in the Philippines

leopard anemone shrimp

A thresher shark in Malapascua

thresher shark

A mandarinfish in Malapascua


An arrow crab in Cabilao

arrow crab

A thresher shark in Malapascua

thresher shark

Kalanggaman Island in the Philippines

Kalanggaman Island

An anemone fish and shrimps in Malapascua

anemone fish & shrimps

In Depth 

Departing before dawn breaks and heading out to Monad Shoal, divers can feel the anticipation in the air before descending onto the abandoned cleaning station as the first rays peek over the horizon. This is thresher shark diving in Malapascua, and it is incredibly exciting! Getting up close to these elusive predators tops many divers' bucketlists, and Malapascua is the best place on the planet for virtually guaranteed encounters. Scuba diving in Malapascua is not a one-trick pony though, with the area’s best dive sites including Gato Island where swim-throughs and caves are visited by nurse sharks and white tip reef sharks. Lighthouse is also a fantastic night diving site where divers find stargazers, mandarin fish, blue ring and mimic octopus and bobtail squid among other nocturnal creatures. 

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Diving in Malapascua

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