A blue-ringed octopus in Bohol
Pink soft coral and diver in Bohol
A jeweled anemone crab in Bohol

Luxury Diving Holidays in Bohol

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    Marine highlights

    Pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, green turtles, ornate ghost pipefish, orangutan crabs, candy crabs, hairy squat lobsters, mandarin fish

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Diving holidays in Bohol are all about amazing reefscapes with wall-diving galore and sloping reefs covered in healthy hard and soft corals. The gentle conditions of this region make it ideal for beginner divers and snorkellers, and the marine life is utterly inspiring with a blend of schooling fish, intriguing macro life and a huge abundance of turtles. 

Whilst the most famous spots are found around Panglao, the region’s best dive sites are the less-frequented reefs of Anda. There are some great luxury hotels from which to base oneself on a scuba diving trip to this area, and we can create excellent marine safaris, combining Bohol with other excellent diving regions such as Dumaguete and Dauin, Malapascua, Coron or Moalboal so that guests can dive the full spectrum.  

An anemone fish in Bohol

Anemone fish

A candy crab in Bohol

Candy crab

A coral reef in Bohol

Coral reef

A flat worm in Bohol

Flat worm

Soft coral in Bohol

Soft coral

A pygmy seahorse in Bohol

pygmy seahorse

A reef squid in Bohol

reef squid

Schooling jackfish and a diver in Bohol

schooling jackfish

Shaun the sheep nudibranch in Bohol

Shaun the sheep nudibranch

Harlequin Shrimp Bohol Diving

harlequin shrimp

In Depth 

Many divers will have heard of the excellent sites around Panglao such as Balicasag, the marine sanctuary 10km southwest of Panglao, which has an impressive wall dive at Cathedral and a beautiful sloping reef at Black Forest. Divers should keep an eye out for the resident school of jacks which patrol the island and create a great photo opportunity in the midst of the hurricane created by these predatory fish.

Snorkellers will be thrilled with the shallow reeftop and abundance of green turtles which pop up to the surface to breathe before descending to the reef which is covered in soft and hard corals and huge sponges. 

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Diving in Bohol

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