A shoal of sardines in Moalboal
A pygmy seahorse in Moalboal
A candy crab in Moalboal

Luxury Diving Holidays in Moalboal

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    Marine highlights

    Sardine baitball, pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, soft corals, wrecks

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Located on the busy island of Cebu, Moalboal is one of our favourite diving destinations to include on a marine safari in the Philippines. Famed for its sardine run at Panagsama Beach, divers and snorkellers are drawn to the area for this marvel, but there is so much more to see at Moalboal’s best dive sites. Suitable for divers of all levels, but largely visited by more experienced divers, this is a must-visit for those wanting to experience some of the best scuba diving the Philippines has to offer. 

A coral needle shrimp in Moalboal

coral needle shrimp

Bright soft coral in Moalboal

Soft coral

An aeroplane wreck in Moalboal

Aeroplane wreck

A sea snail in Moalboal

Sea snail

Bobtail squid in Moalboal

bobtail squid

A dragon shrimp in Moalboal

Dragon shrimp

A warty frogfish in Moalboal

warty frogfish

An ardeadoris nudibranch in Moalboal

Ardeadoris nudibranch

A frogfish and a diver in Moalboal

Frogfish & diver

A lionfish in a barrel sponge in Moalboal

lionfish in barrel sponge

In Depth 

Panagsama Beach’s resident shimmering bait ball of sardines is made up of over 1 million of the tiny fish, so numerous that they block out the sun when diving below the huge shoal. Divers and snorkellers visiting the Philippines are drawn to Moalboal for the bait ball experience, but there are also some fantastic muck and macro diving opportunities, as well as a few accessible wrecks. 

Moalboal’s best dive sites can be found around Pescador Island where marine life is plentiful with visiting reef sharks, schools of jacks and plenty of turtles. Blackwater diving here is particularly exciting, with the chance to see the weird and wonderful creatures which rise from the depths and can be seen out in the Tanon Strait in the shallows of the open water.  

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